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    Candid Conversation Hearts

    New Dallas Artist launches his a brand new art series, “Candy Hearts”, at Neiman Marcus Salon in North Park Mall.

    Local artist and entrepreneur, Christopher Box, is thrilled to be launching his new series, “Candy Hearts” (along with various other pieces), at The Salon in Neiman Marcus. This collection is available to view and purchase now through May. 

    “Candy Hearts” takes the chalky valentine treat form your childhood and makes it more stomachable with different messages. From the empowering to the whimsical, “Candy Hearts”, promises to make you giggle, feel good, and set your art collection apart from the rest.

    Created by the artist using acrylic paints and screen printing, this playful marriage of technique and design is lighting up the walls of the Neiman Marcus salon and soon, hopefully your walls too.